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SunPower Corporation is a leading solar company located at 2125 E Katella Ave Unit 220, Anaheim, CA 92806. Founded in 1985, it is one of the world's most innovative solar technology and energy services providers.

SunPower offers Solar Technician services to residential and commercial customers. Their team of certified technicians designs, installs and maintains solar panel systems. Whether customers want a small residential system or a large commercial solar farm, SunPower's technicians have the expertise to handle any solar project.

With over 35 years of experience in the solar industry, SunPower provides reliable solar solutions to help customers reduce their environmental impact and lower their electricity bills through solar power.

Frequently Asked Questions
What skills are required to be a Solar Technician?

Skills required to be a Solar Technician include electrical knowledge, mechanical aptitude, attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills. Solar Technicians must be able to install, maintain and repair solar panel systems safely and effectively.

What are the day-to-day responsibilities of a Solar Technician?

Typical daily responsibilities of a Solar Technician include installing solar panel systems, troubleshooting any issues, performing maintenance checks, connecting solar panels to the home's electrical system, assembling racking and mounting equipment, and ensuring systems are working properly and safely. Solar Technicians also communicate with homeowners, document work, and may assist with customer acquisition.

What is the typical career path for a Solar Technician?

With experience, Solar Technicians can advance to crew leader or field supervisor roles with increased responsibility over multiple installation jobs. Some Technicians choose to become NABCEP certified which demonstrates technical expertise and can open doors to specialized roles. Down the line, opportunities also exist as service managers, operations managers, or to start their own solar contractor businesses.

What is the typical work environment for a Solar Technician?

Solar Technicians primarily work outdoors at residential and commercial job sites. Therefore, they should be comfortable working in varying weather conditions and be physically fit for tasks like lifting, climbing, and carrying equipment on roofs. Technicians are on their feet for most of the day completing installs and working with hands and power tools. Safety is the highest priority in this job.

How do I become a Solar Technician?

Common paths to become a Solar Technician include associate degrees or certificates in electrical technology or construction from trade schools or community colleges. Hands-on experience installing residential solar systems is invaluable and on-the-job training programs are available. Industry certifications like NABCEP and OSHA certifications are recognized as well. Employers like SunPower provide training for new technicians.

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