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Fernandez Tree Service located at 5124 S Sayre Ave, Chicago, IL 60638, United States offers a wide range of tree services to both commercial and residential customers. They provide expert tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, tree stump removal, tree planting, tree cabling and bracing services. Their team of qualified arborists and tree surgeons ensures all work is performed safely and professionally.

Whether you need help with hazardous trees, shrub stump removal or a complete tree and stump removal, Fernandez Tree Service offers free estimates. Their team is fully licensed and insured to handle any tree job large or small. After completing a service, they also perform thorough clean up of wood debris and other waste. For exceptional tree care services, contact Fernandez Tree Service today.

Services Provided

Cabling and bracing: Using cables to help support weak limbs and brace branches. This prevents potential damage from high winds, ice load or other factors that could cause branches to break.
Tree planting: We plant a variety of trees to improve landscapes and add value. Whether you need one tree or a small forest, we have experience planting trees correctly for optimal results.
Tree removal: We provide tree removal services for hazardous, dying or dead trees. Our certified arborists remove trees promptly and efficiently to ensure safety.
Tree stump removal: Stumps can be safely and effectively removed using the proper techniques and machinery to fully clear areas for new plantings or uses.
Tree trimming and pruning: Routine tree trimming and pruning helps maintain health, structure and appearance. We know proper pruning techniques to encourage strong structure and maximum growth.
Arborist And Tree Surgeon: Fully insured and certified professional tree service providing pruning, removals, cabling, bracing and more. Over 25 years of experience with your safety and satisfaction guaranteed.
Arborists: Our expert ISA Certified Arborists can properly diagnose problems and provide the best treatments and practices to maintain tree health and structure.
Clean Up: We clean up all debris left from any job so you don't have to worry about the aftermath. All wood chips and branches are hauled away.

Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

We are a full service tree care company offering pruning, removals, stump grinding, disease and insect control, tree planting, cabling and bracing.

How experienced are your arborists?

All of our arborists are ISA Certified and have 5+ years of experience providing tree care services. Safety is our top priority and our crews are trained in the latest tree care techniques and standards.

What is your insurance coverage?

We carry commercial general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance for coverage of any on-site injuries or property damage. Certificates are available upon request.

How quickly can you complete a job?

Response time varies depending on weather conditions and our current workload. For non-emergency routine work we aim to schedule within 5-10 business days. We're available for emergency services such as storm damage cleanup with usually 24-48 hour response times.

How can I get an estimate?

To get a free, no obligation estimate please call us at (773) 640-6113 or email us through our website with details about the type of work needed and we'll schedule a time for one of our arborists to evaluate your property.

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