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SWA Group Houston is a leading landscape architecture and urban planning firm located at 712 Main St 6th floor, Houston, TX 77002. They provide a wide range of design services including Garden design, Landscape architecture,Landscape design construction, Building Design, Commercial Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture Design, Master Planning, Site Planning and more.

With expertise in land use planning, sustainable design and technical site analysis, SWA Group Houston works on projects of all scales from private gardens and developments to larger public spaces and urban planning projects. Their goal is to provide client-focused solutions that enhance environments through innovative and visually appealing designs. Whether creating new green spaces or restoring historical landscapes, they aim to deliver high quality results.

Services Provided

Garden design: We offer garden design services to plan flower beds, paths, patios and other garden features.
Garden landscaping: Our landscaping services include installation of plants, hardscaping materials and landscape lighting.
Landscape architecture services: We provide full landscape architecture services including conceptual design, construction drawings and project management.
Landscape design construction: We turn your landscape design plans into an actual constructed landscape with our installation and construction services.
Outdoor step construction: We build attractive outdoor steps and staircases for access around your property using various materials like stone, wood or concrete.
Outdoor water feature design: Let us design an outdoor water feature like a fountain or pond to add visual interest and tranquility to your landscape.
Building Design: We offer comprehensive building design services for residential, commercial and institutional projects.
Built Design: From concept to construction, our team handles all aspects of the built design process.
Commercial Landscape Design: We have extensive experience designing functional and attractive landscapes for commercial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

We offer a variety of landscaping services including lawn mowing, planting, mulching, pruning, and hedge trimming. We also do landscape design and installation.

How often do you mow lawns?

For most residential lawns, we mow on a weekly basis during the peak growing season from April through October. This helps keep grass at a consistent height and promotes healthy growth. We can discuss customizing a schedule to fit your property's needs.

Do you do cleanups and leaf removal?

Yes, both fall and spring cleanups are part of our services. In the fall we rake and remove leaves from lawns and beds. Come spring, we perform outdoor cleanups which may involve things like pruning, weeding, debris removal, and general tidy-up of flower beds and landscaping.

What is your experience with drainage and irrigation systems?

Our landscape professionals have extensive experience installing, maintaining, and repairing drainage and irrigation systems. This includes designing and implementing solutions to improve drainage issues as well as programming and servicing automated sprinkler systems.

What shrub and tree services do you provide?

We offer trimming, pruning, transplanting, removal and stump grinding of shrubs, trees and bushes. Proper pruning helps maintain healthy growth while trimming keeps plantings neatly shaped. We can also recommend suitable trees and shrubs for your property and climate zone.

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