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Star Insulation is a company that provides insulation services at 731B Dutton St, Lowell, MA 01852. It offers a wide range of insulation services including Adding Insulation, Air Barriers, Air Leak Prevention, and Air Sealing. Some of the insulation types provided are Attic Insulation, Basement Insulation, Blown-In Insulation, Cellulose Insulation, Fiberglass Batt Insulation, and Spray Foam Insulation. The company serves both Commercial and Residential customers. It provides insulation solutions for new construction as well as existing homes and buildings. Star Insulation is able to complete full insulation projects and also offers Free Estimates and Home Energy Assessments.

Services Provided

Adding Insulation: We install new insulation material in existing walls, attics, crawlspaces and other areas to improve energy efficiency.
Air Barriers: We install air barrier materials like house wrap to prevent air leakage and drafts in homes.
Air Leak Prevention: We perform air sealing and caulking to reduce air leaks that waste energy and money.
Air Leakage: We test homes for air leakage and make recommended repairs to improve comfort and lower utility bills.
Air Sealing: We inspect, caulk and seal areas where outside air can enter the home like electrical boxes, plumbing/ductwork etc.
Attic Floor: We install and upgrade insulation on attic floors to enhance thermal performance.
Attic Insulation: We blow or install new attic insulation like cellulose, fiberglass or spray foam for improved temperature control.
Basement Insulation: We insulate basement walls, rims, bands and other areas to reduce heat/cooling loss and increase comfort.
Blowing In: We blow loose-fill insulation like cellulose or fiberglass into wall cavities during new construction or retrofits.
Blown-In Cellulose: We blow cellulose insulation made from recycled paper into attics, walls and other cavities for fire resistance and air sealing.

Frequently Asked Questions
What services does Star Insulation provide?

Star Insulation is a general contractor that specializes in installing insulation in attics, basements, and crawl spaces. We ensure homes are properly insulated to maximize energy efficiency and comfort.

How can I get a free in-home estimate?

To schedule a free estimate, call our office at (781) 518-3211 or complete our online request form. One of our representatives will then contact you to discuss your project and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Do you provide any financing options?

We do not offer in-house financing. However, many of our customers choose to pay for services using a personal loan or line of credit from their bank or credit union. Be sure to ask about special financing promotions they may offer.

What types of insulation do you install?

We are experienced in installing fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, and rigid foam insulation. The type of insulation used will depend on your project needs and building code requirements. During your free estimate we can recommend the best insulation solution.

How long have you been in business?

Star Insulation has proudly served the Greater Boston area for over 20 years. We are fully licensed, insured, and committed to outstanding craftsmanship and customer service on every job.

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