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The Great Neighbors Tree Service is a company located at 513 Sonora Ave, Modesto, CA 95351, United States. It offers a wide variety of tree services to its residential and commercial customers.

Services include tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, tree planting, tree stump grinding and removal, tree transplanting, cabling and bracing, tree fertilization, disease control, risk assessment, falling, and more. Additionally, they provide landscaping maintenance such as shrub maintenance, soil treatments, and landscape design. Whether you need regular tree trimming, emergency tree service, removal jobs, or routine maintenance**, The Great Neighbors Tree Service can help.

Services Provided

Cabling and bracing: We provide cabling and bracing services to support weak branches or prevent tree failure. Cables are installed to hold branches in a strategic position.

Tree planting: We offer tree planting services including preparing the planting location, providing the tree, and planting and establishing the tree for optimal growth.

Tree removal: Our certified arborists safely remove trees through cutting them down and removing all debris.

Tree stump grinding: After tree removal, we grind tree stumps down to at least 6 inches below the ground surface so grass can regrow over the area.

Tree stump removal: For complete removal, we can excavate stumps and remove them from the ground entirely.

Tree transplanting: We transplant existing trees by digging them up roots intact and replanting them in a new location on your property.

Tree trimming and pruning: Proper pruning removes only the needed branches and restores the natural shape of trees for health, structure and appearance.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance: We provide regular maintenance services like mowing, edging, fertilizing and weed control for commercial properties.

Cost Of Tree Removal: Contact us for a free estimate on removal of your tree. Pricing depends on factors like tree size, access and debris disposal.

Deep Root Fertilization: Our specialized process feeds key nutrients directly into the root zone for long-lasting tree health benefits.

Emergency Tree S

Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

We are a full service tree care company providing pruning, removals, stump grinding, and tree planting. Our arborists are trained in the latest techniques to properly maintain your trees.

How experienced are your arborists?

All of our arborists are ISA Certified with many years of experience caring for trees. Safety is our top priority, and our team only uses the best equipment and techniques.

What is your process for a tree removal?

Our arborists will meet with you to evaluate the tree, suggest the best removal method, and discuss any permits needed. We remove the tree carefully in sections to avoid damage. Stump grinding is included in removal jobs.

How can I get an estimate?

Call or email us to schedule an on-site evaluation. We will discuss your project, timeline, and provide a free, no-obligation estimate. Pricing depends on factors like tree size, difficulty, and location.

What are your business hours?

We are available Monday-Saturday from 8am-5pm. For after-hours emergencies, please call our 24/7 number. We are closed on Sundays.

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