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Iron Giant Tree Removal is a tree care and removal company located at 10801 Mastin St Suite 1000, Overland Park, KS 66210, United States. They offer a variety of tree services to homeowners and businesses in the area including Tree stump removal, Tree removal, Tree trimming and pruning. Their experienced arborists are trained to handle Large Tree Removal safely and effectively. Whether you need a tree removed or trimmed, Iron Giant Tree Removal has the expertise, equipment and professional crews to get the job done right.

Services Provided

Tree stump removal: We remove tree stumps safely and efficiently using specialized stump grinding equipment to grind stumps down to the ground level.

Tree removal: We provide full tree removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced arborists will safely remove trees of any size.

Tree trimming and pruning: We offer regular tree trimming and pruning services to maintain the health, structure and aesthetics of trees. This includes thinning branches and elevating lower branches.

Large Tree Removal: For larger trees that are more challenging to remove, we have the proper equipment like aerial lifts and chainsaws to dismantle large trees safely.

Large Tree Removal: See above description.

Large Tree Removal: See above description.

Hedge Trimming: We can trim hedges and maintain their shapes all year around for a neat appearance.

Stump Grinding: For stump removal jobs, we use industrial stump grinding equipment to reduce tree stumps down to ground level.

Tree Fertilization: We develop customized fertilization programs to promote healthy growth and minimize pest problems for your trees.

Pruning Young Trees: Proper pruning of young trees helps develop strong structure and reduces future maintenance needs as the trees mature.

Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

We provide professional tree removal services for residential and commercial properties. Our team of certified arborists can remove trees of any size safely. We also offer stump grinding and debris removal services.

How experienced is your team?

All of our crews are certified arborists with many years of experience removing trees safely. Our operators are fully licensed and insured. Safety is our top priority on every job.

What is your process?

We will schedule a free estimate visit to assess the tree(s) and discuss the project. With your approval, our crew removes the tree carefully according to industry safety standards. We clean up all branches, logs, and debris before leaving.

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes, we are available for emergency tree removal, especially after storms. If a tree poses an immediate danger, we can usually start work within 24 hours of your call. Please contact us as soon as possible for emergency responses.

How can I get in touch?

You can reach us at (913) 498-9310 or visit our website at irongianttree.com. We're ready to help with any tree removal or tree care project you need handled professionally.

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