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America Pro Chimney Cleaning

America Pro Chimney Cleaning is a full-service chimney and fireplace cleaning business located at 4875 E Elliot Rd #463, Phoenix, AZ 85044. We have been providing quality chimney and fireplace services to the Phoenix area for over 10 years.

Our services include chimney cleaning, chimney flue cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney repair and restoration, downdraft repair, dryer vent cleaning, fireplace installations, fire prevention, rain cap installation, smoke chamber cleaning, and stove & fireplace cleaning. We also offer animal removal from chimneys.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our professional technicians are standing by to help you with all your chimney and fireplace needs.

Services Provided

Animal removal: We humanely trap and remove unwanted animals like squirrels, raccoons, bats, and more from your home

Chimney cleaning: Our technicians will thoroughly clean the inside of your chimney using specialized tools and vacuum equipment to remove built-up creosote and debris.

Chimney fan installation: We can install a chimney fan (also called a "draft inducer") which improves draft and allows you to burn fuel more completely with less smoke and odor.

Chimney flue cleaning: We will inspect and clean the interior of your chimney flue using specialized tools to remove built-up creosote and debris, improving safety and performance.

Chimney inspections: Our NFI certified technicians perform a thorough visual inspection of the exterior and interior of your chimney, flashing and termination cap.

Chimney repair & restoration: From repointing cracked masonry to installing stainless steel liners, we have the skills and tools to repair & restore damaged chimneys.

Downdraft repair: Downdrafts pull smoke back into the home. We can diagnose and fix sources of downdrafting like cracked masonry or poor chimney caps.

Dryer vent cleaning: Lint build-up in dryer vents causes fires and inefficient drying. Our technicians will clean out your dryer vent and duct.

Fireplace installations: From traditional masonry fireplaces to modern gas inserts, we have the expertise to properly install high-quality, efficient and safe fireplaces.

Fire prevention: We perform home safety inspections and educate homeowners on how to prevent chimney/fireplace fires through regular maintenance and safety practices.

Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

We provide professional chimney cleaning, inspection, cap installation and repair services. Our technicians are certified to properly clean and inspect your chimney to ensure it is safe to use.

How do you clean chimneys?

Our technicians use specialized equipment to clean the entire interior of the chimney. We remove all creosote buildup, debris and obstructions. The chimney is left completely clean after our cleaning to reduce the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

How often should a chimney be cleaned?

It is recommended to have your chimney professionally cleaned every year before heavy use of your fireplace. This helps reduce buildup and prevents blockages. If you use your fireplace frequently during winter, twice yearly cleanings may be necessary.

What does a chimney inspection check for?

Our inspection examines the entire chimney system, including the flue, liner and termination cap. Technicians look for cracks, damaged or loose materials and creosote buildup. The inspection helps detect any safety issues or repairs needed before next use.

How can I schedule a service?

You can schedule a cleaning, inspection or repair service by contacting us at (602) 960-6070 or through our website at www.prochimneycleaning.com. We are ready to help keep your chimney safe and your home protected from fire hazards.

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