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Jaxels Tree Service located at 187 W Wabash St, San Bernardino, CA 92405 provides expert tree care services to residential and commercial customers.

Services offered include Tree planting, Tree removal, Tree stump grinding, Tree trimming & pruning, Chipper Brush, Chipper Brush Grinding & Hauling, Crown Reduction, Lot Cleaning, and Palm Tree services. Whether you need tree maintenance, removal, or new landscaping installations, Jaxels Tree Service has the certified arborists and professional equipment to handle any tree job.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, customers can trust that Jaxels Tree Service will get the job done right while keeping safety as a top priority. They are fully licensed and insured so you can feel confident hiring them for all your tree care needs.

Services Provided

Tree planting: We plant a variety of trees including hardwoods, evergreens, flowering trees and fruit trees. Our certified arborists ensure the correct planting method and aftercare is provided for healthy establishment.

Tree removal: We safely remove trees of all sizes using proper techniques. Our crews are trained in chain saw operations and safety. We clean up and dispose of all debris.

Tree stump grinding: We grind tree stumps close to the ground so new planting or landscaping can occur. Hydraulic stump grinders are used for a clean cut.

Tree trimming & pruning: Proper trimming and pruning maintains tree structure and health. Our crews are trained to properly thin canopies, raise lower branches and removal of dead or diseased wood.

Chipper Brush: Brush and branches removed during projects are chipped on site by our chipper truck. The mulch is then used as ground cover or removed from the property.

Chipper Brush Grinding & Hauling: Larger pieces of wood are ground in our chippers and then hauled away. This full service provides clean-up without residual debris to haul off.

Crown Reduction: Mature trees may need their crowns reduced to reduce wind resistance, allow more light or maintain a desired shape. We perform crown reduction following arborist standards.

Lot Cleaning: Overgrown lots are cleared of brush, small trees, weeds and debris. The area is then graded smooth and grass seed applied if desired.

Palm Tree: We provide palm tree services including trimming fan leaves, removal of seed pods, cabling/bracing, pest management and tree removal. Proper care maintains the health and appearance of palm trees.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide tree trimming services?

Yes, tree trimming is one of our core services. Our experienced tree trimmers can properly shape, thin, balance and maintain the form and structure of trees on your property.

How often should I trim my trees?

The frequency of tree trimming depends on the type and size of the tree. As a general guideline, most trees benefit from trimming every 1-3 years. Give us a call and one of our arborists can inspect your property and recommend an appropriate trimming schedule.

What is the process for a tree trimming job?

Our process is simple - one of our crews will come out and inspect the tree, discuss any concerns, and provide a written estimate. If you approve the estimate, we'll schedule the work. The crew will use ropes and harnesses to safely ascend the tree and methodically trim it back to its proper shape from the top down. We always aim for quality work and cleaning up thoroughly before leaving.

Do you remove dead or damaged trees?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured to remove trees of any size. Our professional arborists can assess the health and stability of a tree to determine if removal is needed. We have all the proper equipment to remove trees safely and will haul away all debris after completion of the job. Just give us a call to request an assessment.

What services do you not provide?

We do not perform landscape installation or maintenance such as planting new trees or routine mowing/edging of lawn areas. Our services are focused specifically on tree care and removal. We recommend contacting a full-service landscaping company if you need additional yard work done.

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