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White Bright Chimney Sweeps located at 3811 Valley Centre Dr Suite 183, San Diego, CA 92130 is a chimney and fireplace service company. They offer a wide range of chimney cleaning, repair, and installation services to help keep homes safe and functioning properly. Some of their key services include chimney inspections, cleaning, flue cleaning, downdraft repair, and fireplace installations. In addition, they also provide stove installation, dryer vent cleaning, and animal removal. Their goal is to help homeowners with chimney and fireplace maintenance, repairs, safety checks, and more.

Services Provided

Animal removal: We remove unwanted animals like birds, squirrels or bats from your chimney or attic.
Chimney cleaning: We clean the inside of your chimney flue to remove creosote buildup and prevent chimney fires.
Chimney fan installation: We install chimney fans that help circulate air and prevent creosote buildup inside your chimney.
Chimney flue cleaning: We clean the entire chimney flue from top to bottom to remove creosote residue.
Chimney inspections: Our technicians perform chimney inspections to check for cracks, obstructions or signs of damage and recommend needed repairs.
Chimney repair & restoration: We make necessary repairs to chimneys including repointing bricks, replacing flashing or rain caps.
Downdraft repair: We address downdraft issues causing smoke to enter the home and install solutions like chimney liners.
Dryer vent cleaning: We clean lint buildup from dryer vents which can block airflow and cause fire hazards.
Fire prevention: We educate customers on fire hazards and provide tips and services to prevent chimney and structure fires.
Fireplace installations: We install direct-vent gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces and related components per code.
Rain cap installation: We install chimney rain caps and related roof flashings to prevent rain and moisture infiltration into chimneys.

Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

We provide complete chimney maintenance services such as chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney repairs, chimney relining and chimney caps installation. Our professionals can ensure your chimney is clean, safe and working properly.

How do you clean chimneys?

Our technicians use specialized equipment to clean chimneys. For lighter deposits, we use chimney brushes and swabs attached to fiberglass rods that are powered by a motor. For heavier deposits, we may use power tools that spin wire brushes. We push the equipment up from the bottom of the chimney and pull it back down to remove all creosote, soot and debris.

How long will a cleaning last?

A professional chimney cleaning can lasts several years depending on how often your fireplace or woodstove is used. Generally, annual cleanings are recommended for most homes that utilize their fireplaces regularly during winter months. Commercial properties may need cleaning twice a year.

What is included in an inspection?

Our inspection includes a complete visual examination of the entire chimney system. Our technicians will inspect the crown, rain cap, spark arrestor, first few feet inside the flue and the damper area. We are looking for any cracks, loose bricks or mortar, creosote buildup or blockages that could cause an unsafe situation. A written report will be provided after the inspection.

How can I get a quote?

To get a free quote for any of our chimney services, please contact us at (619) 350-2120 or complete a contact form on our website. We will need to schedule a time to inspect your chimney before providing you with pricing details over the phone or by email.

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