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The Best Refinishing Company located at 5835 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124 is a leading company that provides bathroom and kitchen remodeling services.

it offers a wide range of services including  Bathroom countertop resurfacing, Bathroom tile reglazing, Bathtub refinishing, Bathtub reglazing, Bathtub repair, Bathtub replacement, Bathtub resurfacing, Drywall repair, Gutter cleaning, Interior structural repairs, Remodeling, Repair flooring, Repair water fixtures, Shower refinishing, Tile work installation and more.

Whether you need bathroom sinks, bathtubs or showers refinished, tile refinished or replaced, or kitchen counters, sinks or tiles refinished, The Best Refinishing Company can help with all your remodeling needs.

Services Provided

Bathtub refinishing: We refinish bathtubs to restore their original shine and protect against water damage. This involves cleaning, patching cracks, and applying a durable resin coating.

Shower reglazing: Shower units can be reglazed to like-new condition. We remove old glaze and apply a waterproof enamel finish that prevents water damage and mildew.

Bathroom tile reglazing: Tile reglazing refreshes outdated tile and prevents water intrusion behind walls. The durable baked-on glaze is easy to clean and maintains a like-new appearance.

Sink refinishing: Sinks can be refinished inside and out. We patch damage, then coat the surface with a durable finish to prevent staining and restore the shine. This extends the life of the sink.

Bathtub repair: We can repair bathtubs that have minor cracks or flaws. After cleaning, patching and priming, a smooth resin coating is applied for protection and an attractive restored look.

Kitchen counter refinishing: Countertops are stripped, prepped and given a baked enamel finish. This refreshes worn surfaces while sealing against moisture for enduring protection and beauty.

Bathroom countertop resurfacing: Countertops are smoothed and sealed with a waterproof layer that preserves the surface and prevents further damage. Customizable colors provide an updated appearance.

Shower resurfacing: Like bathtubs, fiberglass and acrylic shower units can be stripped and smoothed, then protected with a long-lasting refinishing system. Mildew resistance and styling options available.

Tile refinishing: Tile throughout homes can be refinished for protection and renewal. The glaze refreshes color and prevents moisture infiltration behind walls or floors.

Tub replacement: When a tub has exceeded its lifespan, we can remove the old unit and properly install a new acrylic or fiberglass bathtub customized for the space.

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