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Bloomhouse Landscape and Irrigation located at 1300 US-80 W, Savannah, GA 31408 provides a wide range of landscaping and lawn care services for both Commercial & Residential clients. They offer Landscape installations, Landscaping design, Landscaping maintenance, Lawn care, Sod installation and more. Some of their other key services include Irrigation Installation, Irrigation Repair, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal and Debris Removal. Whether you need help with Landscape Home, Commercial Landscape, Retaining walls, Yard drainage or seasonal services like Seasonal Color, Pinestraw Installation, Bloomhouse Landscape and Irrigation can handle all your landscape and irrigation needs.

Services Provided

Hardscaping: installation of permanent landscape elements like retaining walls, patio, walkways etc.

Landscape installations: Installation of landscape elements like trees, shrubs, flowers, ponds etc.

Landscape management: Ongoing maintenance and upkeep of landscape areas including weeding, pruning, irrigation etc.

Landscaping design: Creation of landscape plans tailored to customers' needs incorporating plant selection, hardscape elements etc.

Landscaping maintenance: Regular care and maintenance of landscape areas including mowing, edging, pruning, fertilizing etc.

Lawn care: Services related to establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn including mowing, weeding, fertilizing etc.

Lawn landscaping: Design and installation of lawn areas, planting of grass, repairing bare spots etc.

Retaining walls: Installation of walls to hold or reinforce sloping land using materials like stone, wood or concrete.

Sod installation: Laying of rolls or sheets of grass to establish new lawn areas or repair existing ones.

Yard drainage: Installation of surface and underground drainage systems to divert excess water from property.

Frequently Asked Questions
What services does Bloomhouse Landscape and Irrigation offer?

Bloomhouse Landscape and Irrigation offers a variety of landscaping and irrigation services including landscaping design and installation, lawn maintenance, irrigation system installation and repair, hardscaping, lighting, and more. We strive to provide beautiful, functional outdoor spaces for both residential and commercial properties.

How experienced is your team?

Our landscape professionals have many years of experience in the green industry. Our project managers and supervisors have been designing and installing landscaping projects for over a decade. We continually train our crews to ensure the highest quality workmanship. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

What areas do you serve?

We serve customers throughout the Savannah, GA area including the city of Savannah and surrounding Chatham County. We are fully licensed and insured to work in Georgia.

What is your process for a new project?

Our process always starts with a free consultation. We will meet with you at your property to discuss your project goals, budget, and do a site evaluation. Then we will provide a detailed design plan and estimate. Once approved, we handle everything from permitting to installation and final cleanup. We are also available for maintenance services after project completion.

How can I get in touch?

You can contact us at (912) 999-6138 or visit our office located at 1300 US-80 W, Savannah, GA 31408. You can also reach out through our website at www.bloomhouselandscape.com. We look forward to discussing your landscaping or irrigation needs.

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