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Maricopa Air is an HVAC company located at 3011 N 73rd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. They offer a wide range of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration services for both residential and commercial customers.

Some of the key services include duct and vent cleaning, HVAC system maintenance, heating system repair, installing new air conditioners, repairing existing HVAC systems, and providing air cleaners/purifiers. They also offer air conditioning and heating solutions, commercial HVAC installations, HVAC and refrigeration parts, and maintenance contracts.

In addition, Maricopa Air provides refrigeration services for both commercial appliances like ice machines as well as residential refrigerators and freezers. Customers can rely on them for all their HVAC, air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration needs.

Services Provided

HVAC duct & vent cleaning: We thoroughly clean all your HVAC ducts and vents to remove dust, debris, and contaminants for improved indoor air quality and system performance.

HVAC system maintenance: Our preventative maintenance program keeps your HVAC system running efficiently through seasonal tune-ups, filter changes, inspections for repairs, and more.

Heating system repair: Our technicians are highly trained to diagnose and repair all issues with your gas, electric, or oil-fired heating system like furnaces, boilers and heat pumps.

Install AC: Let us install a new central air conditioning system for your home or business. We offer quality equipment from top brands professionally installed.

Repair HVAC: Need an AC, heat pump or furnace repair? Our team can handle all repairs from diagnosing problems to replacement of faulty parts.

A/C: We service, repair and install all brands of air conditioners for residential and commercial spaces.

Air Cleaners / Purifiers: Breathe cleaner air indoors with our selection of air purifiers and ionizers to remove dust, pollen, mold and other aller

Frequently Asked Questions
Is air conditioning repair expensive?

The cost of air conditioning repair can vary depending on the problem, but most service calls typically range between $75-$150. Some common repairs like replacing an air filter are relatively inexpensive, while fixes involving refrigerant leaks or compressor replacements tend to be more costly. It's always best to get an estimate from a professional technician before any work is done.

What are the signs that my AC unit needs repair?

Some signs that indicate your air conditioner may need service or repair include: the unit not turning on, the unit icing over or freezing up, irregular or loud noises coming from the unit, warm air blowing from vents even when the unit is set to cool, unusual smells coming from the vents, thermostat not working properly, or flickering lights when the unit cycles on. Catching issues early can help avoid more serious and costly repairs down the road.

How long does an AC unit last?

The average lifespan of a central air conditioner is about 10-15 years, though some factors can affect this. High-quality units from reputable manufacturers tend to last longer. Proper maintenance like yearly check-ups and replacing filters regularly can also help extend the life of an AC system. Signs it may be near the end of its usable life include diminished cooling ability, frequent breakdowns, and repairs that end up costing more than replacement would.

Should I repair or replace my old AC unit?

When an air conditioner reaches 10-15 years, it's a good time to evaluate whether repair or replacement is the right choice. Repairing an older unit may not be cost-effective if the issues are extensive or repairs keep coming up. However, replacing a functioning unit solely due to age may not be necessary. Consulting a professional can help determine the condition, projected repair costs, and whether a new high-efficiency model would save on energy bills long-term.

How can I ensure my AC is working efficiently?

Some tips for keeping an air conditioner running efficiently include changing filters monthly, keeping outdoor units clear of debris and plants, closing curtains/blinds during hot days, setting the thermostat to 78F or higher when home and raising it when away, having routine maintenance checks, replacing worn components or refrigerant as needed, and sealing air leaks around windows and doors to prevent hot air infiltration.

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