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Rod Johnson Air Conditioning is an HVAC company located at 4217 Coronado Ave Suite B, Stockton, CA 95204. They offer a wide range of HVAC and air conditioning services including maintenance, repair, installation, and more. Some of their key services include A/C system maintenance and repair, duct cleaning and installation, HVAC system maintenance and repair, and heating system installation, maintenance, and repair. They also provide services like installing AC units, thermostats, and portable A/C units. Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repairs, new installations, or upgrades, Rod Johnson Air Conditioning can help keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems running efficiently.

Services Provided
What services do you provide?

We provide a variety of air conditioning and heating services including AC repairs, installations, duct cleaning and more. Our team of experienced technicians can help with all of your HVAC needs.

How do you handle emergencies?

If you have an HVAC emergency like your AC or heater stopping working, contact us right away. We're available 24/7 to handle repairs and get your system up and running quickly. Our goal is to arrive within 4 hours to address any urgent issues.

What is your service area?

We service customers throughout Stockton and the surrounding areas. This includes Zip codes 95201 to 95209. Just give us a call if you need service and we'll check if your home is within our coverage zone.

How can I schedule maintenance?

Regular maintenance is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC system. You can schedule maintenance by contacting our office at 209-931-4100. We offer yearly maintenance plans that can be paid upfront or w

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  • March 1, 2024 4:19 pm local time

  • 4217 Coronado Avenue, Stockton, California 95204, United States

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